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The Secret Garden 2020

The main character Mary Lennox "Dixie Egerickx" is a spoiled 10-year-old girl of rich parents who grew up in India. After everyone in her family dies ...

Cast: Colin Firth,Julie Walters,Jemma Powell,

5.4 IMDB Puanı 2,265 İzlenme
Mortal 2020

MORTAL is a fantasy adventure origin story about a young man, Eric, who discovers he has God-like powers based on ancient Norwegian mythology. While h...

Cast: Nat Wolff,

5.7 IMDB Puanı 928 İzlenme
The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding 2020

Join Princess Odette, Prince Derek and their royal friends as they set sail for another magical adventure in the enchanted land of Cathay! Princess Od...

5.5 IMDB Puanı 306 İzlenme
Black Is King 2020

Visual album from Beyoncé inspired by 'The Lion King'.

Cast: Lupita Nyong'o,Beyoncé Knowles,Pharrell Williams,Naomi Campbell,

5.6 IMDB Puanı 396 İzlenme
Upside-Down Magic 2020

In "Upside-Down Magic, a Disney Channel Original Movie, 13-year-old Nory Boxwood Horace discovers she can flux into animals, and her best friend Reina...

Cast: Vicki Lewis,Cynthia Kaye McWilliams,

4.5 IMDB Puanı 414 İzlenme
Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons 2020

Ten years ago, Slade Wilson-aka the super-assassin called Deathstroke-made a tragic mistake and his wife and son paid a terrible price. Now, a decade ...

Cast: Sasha Alexander,Michael Chiklis,Colin Salmon,Minae Noji,

7.4 IMDB Puanı 1,030 İzlenme
Aliens Stole My Body 2020

The Galactic Patrol is back - but they've lost Deputy Rod Allbright's body. It's been stolen by B'KR, the most fiendish villain in the galaxy, which l...

Cast: George Takei,Alex Zahara,Dan Payne,Tristan Risk,

4.2 IMDB Puanı 188 İzlenme
MidKnight Adventure 2019

Terrified that his parents are replacing him with a baby sister, ten-year-old Matty's fear become twofold when the monster from his comic book come to...

3.8 IMDB Puanı 154 İzlenme
Coma 2019

After a colossal and mysterious accident a young talented architect comes back to his senses in a very odd world that only resembles the reality. This...

6.4 IMDB Puanı 823 İzlenme
Double World 2019

In a fictional universe comprising ten nations. Seeing the neighboring country become more and more powerful, a warlord organizes a competition to rev...

6.2 IMDB Puanı 721 İzlenme
Ride Your Wave 2019

A surfer and firefighter meet and fall in love.

Cast: Joey Richter,

6.8 IMDB Puanı 370 İzlenme
Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn 2019

The enigmatic Abyss is an unforgiving and deadly place. Despite the dangers, it still captures the imagination of explorers such as Riko who wishes to...

7.1 IMDB Puanı 472 İzlenme
Promare 2019

A futuristic firefighting mecha service is created to protect the world.

Cast: Steve Blum,Kari Wahlgren,Matthew Mercer,Johnny Yong Bosch,

7.2 IMDB Puanı 235 İzlenme
The Old Guard 2020

Led by a warrior named Andy (Charlize Theron), a covert group of tight-knit mercenaries with a mysterious inability to die have fought to protect the ...

Cast: Charlize Theron,Matthias Schoenaerts,Chiwetel Ejiofor,Harry Melling,

6.7 IMDB Puanı 448 İzlenme
Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season 2019/20: The Sleeping Beauty 2020

The prestigious Royal Ballet performs live from London's Royal Opera House Petipa's original choreography for the classical ballet "The Sleeping Beaut...

97 İzlenme
Broil 2020

A listless grand-daughter, Chance Sinclair (Avery Konrad), is sentenced to live with her draconian grand-father, August (Timothy V. Murphy) after a vi...

Cast: Jonathan Lipnicki,Lochlyn Munro,Timothy V. Murphy,Kyra Zagorsky,

4.3 IMDB Puanı 177 İzlenme
Day of the Stranger 2019

Caine Farrowood is a bounty hunter who works under the control of ruthless kingpin Loomweather. One day a bounty retrieval goes awry and Caine is left...

5 IMDB Puanı 217 İzlenme
The Dude in Me 2019

A weak high school student and a mighty gangster exchange their bodies accidentally.

6.8 IMDB Puanı 302 İzlenme
Pinocchio 2019

Live-action adaptation of the classic story of a wooden puppet named Pinocchio who comes to life.

Cast: Roberto Benigni,Guillaume Delaunay,

6.4 IMDB Puanı 259 İzlenme
Four Kids and It 2020

A group of kids on holiday in Cornwall meet a magical creature on the beach with the power to grant wishes.

Cast: Paula Patton,Michael Caine,Matthew Goode,Russell Brand,

4.9 IMDB Puanı 313 İzlenme