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Elephant 2020

Documentary follows an African elephant named Shani and her son Jomo as their herd make an epic journey across the Kalahari Desert.

Cast: Meghan Markle,

6.2 IMDB Puanı 281 İzlenme
Georgetown 2019

Ulrich Mott, an ambitious social climber, marries a wealthy widow in Washington D.C. in order to mix with powerful political players.

Cast: Christoph Waltz,Annette Bening,Vanessa Redgrave,Corey Hawkins,

6.7 IMDB Puanı 421 İzlenme
Seberg 2019

Inspired by real events in the life of Breathless (1960) star and French New Wave icon Jean Seberg, who in the late 1960s was targeted by Hoover's FBI...

Cast: Kristen Stewart,Anthony Mackie,Jack O'Connell,Vince Vaughn,

5.1 IMDB Puanı 217 İzlenme
Just Mercy 2019

A powerful and thought-provoking true-story, "Just Mercy" follows young lawyer Bryan Stevenson (Jordan) and his history-making battle for justice. Aft...

Cast: Michael B. Jordan,Brie Larson,Jamie Foxx,Rafe Spall,

7.5 IMDB Puanı 331 İzlenme
Proceder 2019

Touching story about real life artist Tomas Chada. A guy that lived in the lowest class, he however was a good guy at heart, great with rhyme and poet...

5.5 IMDB Puanı 267 İzlenme
Richard Jewell 2019

American security guard Richard Jewell saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the pr...

Cast: Olivia Wilde,Sam Rockwell,Jon Hamm,Kathy Bates,

7.5 IMDB Puanı 346 İzlenme
A Hidden Life 2019

Based on real events, A HIDDEN LIFE is the story of an unsung hero, Bl. Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to fight for the Nazis in World War II. When t...

Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts,Michael Nyqvist,Alexander Fehling,Jürgen Prochnow,

7.5 IMDB Puanı 1,201 İzlenme
Adults in the Room 2019

Provides an extraordinary account of low cunning at the heart of Greece's 2015 financial bailout. The more defiant the left-wing Syriza government bec...

Cast: Valeria Golino,Dan Fredenburgh,Georges Corraface,Ulrich Tukur,

5.8 IMDB Puanı 199 İzlenme
Judy 2019

Thirty years after starring in "The Wizard of Oz (1939)," beloved actress and singer Judy Garland arrives in London to perform sold-out shows at the T...

Cast: Finn Wittrock,Rufus Sewell,Renée Zellweger,Michael Gambon,

6.9 IMDB Puanı 302 İzlenme
I Am Durán 2019

The story of four-time World Champion Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán. A one man wrecking-ball who took on the world, transcended his sport and helped ...

Cast: Sylvester Stallone,Robert De Niro,Mike Tyson,

6.9 IMDB Puanı 309 İzlenme
Hell on the Border 2019

A movie based on the true life story of Bass Reeves, a legendary tough African American cowboy in the Wild West. Bass Reeves was the first black deput...

Cast: Ron Perlman,Zahn McClarnon,Frank Grillo,Randy Wayne,

5.1 IMDB Puanı 318 İzlenme
Mrs. Lowry and Son 2019

A portrait of the artist L.S. Lowry and the relationship with his mother, who tries to dissuade him from pursuing his passion.

Cast: Vanessa Redgrave,Timothy Spall,Stephen Lord,David Schaal,

6.6 IMDB Puanı 203 İzlenme
The Aeronauts 2019

In 1862, pioneering meteorologist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) teams up with daredevil balloon pilot Amelia Rennes (Felicity Jones) to advance huma...

Cast: Eddie Redmayne,Felicity Jones,Tom Courtenay,Vincent Perez,

6.6 IMDB Puanı 308 İzlenme
Pariah: The Lives and Deaths of Sonny Liston 2019

Overcoming the seemingly insurmountable odds that life threw his way, Liston became the heavyweight champion of the world when he knocked out Floyd Pa...

Cast: Mike Tyson,Muhammad Ali,Richard Nixon,

7.4 IMDB Puanı 311 İzlenme
ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas 2019

Produced by the Emmy award-winning Banger Films, ZZ TOP: THAT LITTLE OL' BAND FROM TEXAS tells the story of how Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank B...

Cast: Billy Bob Thornton,Billy Gibbons,Joshua Homme,

7.3 IMDB Puanı 388 İzlenme
Togo 2019

The story of the sled dog, Togo, who led the 1925 serum run, but was considered by most to be too small and weak to lead such an intense race.

Cast: Zahn McClarnon,Willem Dafoe,Julianne Nicholson,Christopher Heyerdahl,

8.1 IMDB Puanı 1,014 İzlenme
The Two Popes 2019

An intimate story of one of the most dramatic transitions of power in the last 2,000 years. Frustrated with the direction of the church, Cardinal Berg...

Cast: Anthony Hopkins,Jonathan Pryce,

7.6 IMDB Puanı 445 İzlenme
Ride Like a Girl 2019

The story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.

Cast: Teresa Palmer,Sullivan Stapleton,Sam Neill,Rachel Griffiths,

6.8 IMDB Puanı 222 İzlenme
Bombshell 2019

When Gretchen Carlson slaps Fox News founder Roger Ailes with a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, not a soul could predict what would happen next. H...

Cast: Margot Robbie,Charlize Theron,Robin Weigert,Nicole Kidman,

6.8 IMDB Puanı 439 İzlenme
Koko: A Red Dog Story 2019

An ordinary dog, whose good fortune and ability to connect with people, catapults him to fame.

Cast: Jason Isaacs,

5.8 IMDB Puanı 233 İzlenme