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Uri: The Surgical Strike 2019

Divided over five chapters, the film chronicles the events of the surgical strike conducted by the Indian military against suspected militants in Paki...

8.6 IMDB Puanı 11,802 İzlenme
The Lion King 1994

A young lion prince is cast out of his pride by his cruel uncle, who claims he killed his father. While the uncle rules with an iron paw, the prince g...

Cast: Jonathan Taylor Thomas,James Earl Jones,Jeremy Irons,Matthew Broderick,

8.5 IMDB Puanı 362 İzlenme
Mandela 2021

A local barber's fate turns overnight when he becomes the single deciding vote in the village elections.

8.5 IMDB Puanı 60 İzlenme
Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In 2021

A look at the life and legend of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson.

Cast: Eric Cantona,

8.5 IMDB Puanı 57 İzlenme
Primal: Tales of Savagery 2019

GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY'S PRIMAL - TALES OF SAVAGERY features a caveman and a dinosaur on the brink of extinction. Bonded by tragedy, this unlikely friends...

8.4 IMDB Puanı 249 İzlenme
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2018

Miles Morales is a New York teen struggling with school, friends and, on top of that, being the new Spider-Man. When he comes across Peter Parker, the...

Cast: Hailee Steinfeld,Lake Bell,Nicolas Cage,Oscar Isaac,

8.4 IMDB Puanı 640 İzlenme
Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus 2019

ZIM discovers his almighty leaders never had any intention of coming to Earth and he loses confidence in himself for the first time in his life, which...

Cast: Olivia d'Abo,Mo Collins,Michael McDonald,Kevin McDonald,

8.4 IMDB Puanı 301 İzlenme
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie 2019

After escaping Jack and his gang, Jesse Pinkman goes on the run from the police and tries to escape his own inner turmoil.

Cast: Krysten Ritter,Jesse Plemons,Aaron Paul,Bryan Cranston,

8.4 IMDB Puanı 551 İzlenme
Karnan 2021

Karnan, a fearless village youth, must fight for the rights of the conservative people of his village, due to the torture given by a police officer.

Cast: Dhanush,Rajisha Vijayan,

8.3 IMDB Puanı 97 İzlenme
Ford v Ferrari 2019

As Enzo Ferrari's fast Rosso-Corsa racing cars dominate the mid-1960s motorsport world, the American car designer, Carroll Shelby, is forced to retire...

Cast: Christian Bale,Matt Damon,Jon Bernthal,Josh Lucas,

8.2 IMDB Puanı 415 İzlenme
Take the Ball Pass the Ball: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World 2018

Take the Ball, Pass the Ball is the definitive story of the greatest football team ever assembled. For four explosive years Pep Guardiola's Barça prod...

Cast: Lionel Messi,

8.2 IMDB Puanı 232 İzlenme
Seaspiracy 2021

Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species - and uncovers alarming global corruption.

Cast: Ali Tabrizi,

8.2 IMDB Puanı 148 İzlenme
Friends: The Reunion 2021

For the first time after seventeen years, and their last appearance on The Last One (2004), the final episode of the TV series, Friends (1994), Jennif...

Cast: Elliott Gould,James Michael Tyler,Reese Witherspoon,Cara Delevingne,

8.2 IMDB Puanı 95 İzlenme
Bisping 2021

His passion for combat sports wasn't keeping him alive so survival mode kicked in for Michael and he was forced to take normal jobs, including working...

Cast: Mickey Rourke,Scott Adkins,Michael Jai White,Joe Rogan,

8.2 IMDB Puanı 172 İzlenme
Biography: WWE Legends Biography: Shawn Michaels 2021

Chronicles the wild life of one of WWE's greatest performers and most enduring villains. After drug addiction nearly cost him his life, Shawn Michaels...

Cast: Kevin Nash,Roddy Piper,Steve Austin,Paul Levesque,

8.2 IMDB Puanı 84 İzlenme
The Gentlemen 2019

An American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt t...

Cast: Matthew McConaughey,Charlie Hunnam,Colin Farrell,Michelle Dockery,

8.1 IMDB Puanı 951 İzlenme
Tina 2021

Exclusive access to the Grammy Award-winning artist to celebrate her career.

Cast: Angela Bassett,Oprah Winfrey,Tina Turner,

8.1 IMDB Puanı 107 İzlenme
Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street 2021

Street Gang: How We Got To Sesame Street takes us inside the minds and hearts of the Sesame Street creators, artists, writers, and educators who, toge...

Cast: James Earl Jones,Frank Oz,Brian Henson,Jerry Nelson,

8 IMDB Puanı 75 İzlenme
Danger Close 2019

South Vietnam, late afternoon on August 18, 1966 - for three and a half hours, in the pouring rain, amid the mud and shattered trees of a rubber plant...

Cast: Travis Fimmel,Luke Bracey,Richard Roxburgh,Matt Doran,

8 IMDB Puanı 3,650 İzlenme
Psych 2: Lassie Come Home 2020

Shawn and Gus return to Santa Barbara, California to help their old police chief, but find themselves unwelcome in their old stomping ground as they s...

Cast: Kristy Swanson,Jimmi Simpson,Timothy Omundson,Sarah Chalke,

8 IMDB Puanı 355 İzlenme